What my Dad's people call acene of Eastern Red Cedar, is really not a cedar. But TRY to tell that to them. This is one of seven sacred plants used by nearly every Southeastern tribal nation. Used primarily to rid spirits out of the body, the tea from this juniper is known to be a strong anti-anthelmintic and a decongestant. Every winter bug in my household growing up would get drowned in this. On the walk, you'll learn to identify junipers in the wild. When we witness a plant in the wild we are made more receptive and familiar to it. Part of recognizing plants as medicine is that we must understand them as beings of their own. We need to remember them as helpers and relatives.

Tea Is A Good Place To Start You Plant Medicine Journey

Join us for an afternoon of tea tasting centering on local herbal plant alllies. We will gather at Live Oak park around the fireplace. There will be a selection of herbs to choose, most of them having alignment with Southern Folk Herbalism. Drinking tea and talking story are two medicines we use to dispel all manner of discomforts. Sign up for Teatime Meditation by visiting our Instagram bio { @hushharborrootworks } or click on the link on our Community Offerings page.

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Roasted Corn tea will be our first taste as we honor the Lisjan Ohlone and Chochenyo Ohlone territories in which we reside here in xučyun (Berkeley). From the Atlantic to the Pacific, we thank all our relations, including the ones that came before and the ones who will come after.
Sassafras and Boneset
Chicory Root