Everyone has a spark of Creator in themselves, an artist so to speak. This beading circle has started to help bring my immediate community back in to the practice of creating and making for ourselves. We consume too much of everyone else's energy when we purchase things. ( even nice things ) It is imperative that we all develop a spiritual practice or meditation that helps us maintain the balance of body, mind and spirit. Our grandmothers, mothers, aunties made or collected things from people and energy they knew. They also made things to giveaway to others. They purposefully used their hands to commune with the divine. Let's all put our phones down now and BEAD. All beading kits will be mailed a week before circle starts. Sign-up early! Start your new spiritual practice today! { Link in Bio } #beadingismedicine #medicinearts #artandancestry #folksways #hhr #beadsoverdiamonds #indigenity #womenofcolormedicine #printsewstitchbead #medicinearts #makeyourownmedicine #beadingcircle
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