Maroon Genealogy

I am the storykeeper in my family. I collect them, remember them and sometimes have to choose whether to share them or not. These have been our ways. At present though, there is an urgency for collective humanbeing and sharing amongst relatives and kinfolk. Whoever they may be. It was a known when I was young that I would be one of the ones to start "spilling the beans" of held-on information and fact about blood ties. As a tribal descendant of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, I got to see and hear alot of foolishness growing up in South Florida. I spent lots of time on Hollywood Seminole Reservation learning from my elders and hanging at the gym with teenage friends/relatives. The stories I was privy to allow me an inside view of the histories we read or don't read about concerning the Maroons, the Cimmarones, the Seminoli/Seminole. My ekoosh(Aunt)Sally Jumper impressed upon me that in the future I might help people with this knowledge. I am so grateful for her guidance and taking the time with me and my cousin. She warned us though, " You ain't gon make no friends over at Tribe talking about this but, that's why y'all here ". So, I am now making myself available to those pursuing information about their Maroon ancestors. If you have ancestors that were living inside of or adjacent to Spanish Florida or Mvskoke Territory around the early 1800's you may have Maroon ancestors. I offer varying degrees of genealogical insight and research. My only stipulation is that you are aware of (at LEAST) three generations of your family as a jumping off point. This is as simple as knowing who You, your parents, their parents are. A substitution for grandparents ( if you don't know who they are ) could be brothers and or sisters of your parents. This gives a foundation to the research and helps me get right into locating the other folks. I have access to rolls, plantation records, news bulletins, ships manifest , muster rolls, receipts of payments/annuities and more.

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"... The double standard of defining who is black and who is Indian was responsible for the erasure of numerous Indian peoples and also the erasure of African America–Native American intersections and kinship relations, which were and continue to be an integral part of American reality..." ~ Arica L. Coleman