Been Knowing

This photo was taken at Hampton University when they were experimenting educating African and Native Americans side-by-side in a effort to assimilate these groups into western ideology and manner. I can't imagine who came up with this idea since it was well known that since the time ancestors encountered each other, they'd been witnessed as being a threat to assembly of America. So much so, each were used as the other's hunter or assassin. Post-contact relationships opened the eyes of many planters and settlers about the future of said alliances. I find it funny that these same powers would attempt this assimilation strategy knowing ( or maybe not ) that we are encoded with the same world view. This photo is funny understanding that my ancestors had a knowledge of the BaKongo Cosmogram and the Four Corners of Earth ( Medicine Wheel )before Europeans started regurgitating it back to us, in all their wordiness. The Kalunga line,the Horizon, Hawaiki, Middle Earth.... we been knowing this.