Swamp Pine is HIGH in Vitamin

The glorious all season medicine. 🌿Cule🌿 Slash Pine, some call it Pitch or Swamp Pine is HIGH in Vitamin C and contains #shikimic acid which prevents a viral infection from reproducing or replicating on a cellular level. You know another source of this acid is found in Star Anise which they don’t tell you is the main, I mean ACTIVE ingredient in Tamiflu. Every drug they sell us is derived from a natural source, plant or compound. The amount of shikimic acid in Star Anise is about 7% in Slash Pine it’s 3%. 🌿more on shikimate pathways later 🌿All true pine ( which have 2,3 or 5 needles ) make a nice tea good for clearing out your chest of phlegm and treating respiratory problems. The fresher the better. Pine tar ( gum ) used for extracting pus and debris out of a wound. Pine top tea is a must for muscle aches, especially in the wintery months. The cones are still used today to put in baths so the infirmed can inhale the vapors. If you still using Vicks Vap-O-Rub then you need try this au Natutale. #folksways #newworldmedicine #hhr #slashpine #floridapine #swamppine #teatime
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