Genealogy x Spiritwork ✨Friday June 4th

Genealogy x Spiritwork ✨Friday June 4th | 2-4 PST✨Find out how genealogy and spiritwork are closely aligned - THIS FIRESIDE CHAT is especially good for folks who - 👵🏿 Have been wanting to start genealogical research 👵🏾 Are looking for other ways to venerate ancestors 👵🏽Don't have access to family histories, elders or documentation 👵🏼Can't go to family for true in-depth answers 🧓🏽Have hit a "brick wall" in their research 🧓🏾Want to know just how these processes work in conjunction 🧓🏿 ✨Register : Link in Bio ✍🏾#firesidechatworkshops #folksways #ancestorwork #genealogytips #gatheringwarriors #itsintheblood #rememberwhoyouare #reunification #hhr
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